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The portal to being a great writer is reading great books. These are personal recommendations of books that will help you with your craft, books that have been published by friends, and books that were created by our Young Writers Collaborative Groups. Click on the circle arrows to learn more or order. Now, curl up and enjoy!

Inkaholics 13

Q vs. Stone Glory
by The Inkaholics 13 Writers Group

Quarlla desperately wants to join the Public Enemy Terror Alliance, but they havenít even noticed her...yet. All she has to do is find a minion, commit some evil acts of villainy, and maybe kill a guy or two.

Unfortunately, someone wants to stop her. Will Q fulfill P.E.T.A.ís list or will the Super League of Super Heroes succeed in stopping her efforts?

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Avian Runes

Avian Runes
by The Inkaholics 12 Writers Group

Letto the rune crafter is an albino changeling—part hawk, part human—whose magical body is the target of a wicked consortia and their leader. Through some unseen enchantment, Letto’s ability to transform is taken hostage, sending her into uncontrollable fits of painful metamorphosis. As fate sweeps her deeper into a plot to murder the Court Magician of Hydridge Castle, Letto finds her only hope of escape falls into the hands of a pair of thieves and their unsavory professional network.

Will Letto find strength enough to fight for her freedom while her body is under the spell of evil forces? Will her thieving friends find hearts of selflessness after living a life of greed? When the final moment comes, will Letto be able to save the one person who seemed to start it all?

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Clockwork Conspiracy

Clockwork Conspiracy: Tale of a Tinker
by The Inkaholics 11 Writers Group

Arminta Cogurae is known as the oddball of Brazenglass, but that doesn’t stop her from happily inventing novel machines and improving her fellow citizens’ timekeepers.

But life is not always pleasant in the city, especially under the watchful eye of the Red Flint Agency, an organization devoted to the suppression of magic. When Arminta and her young apothecary friend, Fred, are inadvertently entangled in the manhunt of a known criminal, they find themselves drawn deep into a national conspiracy.

The tinker will need to breech all boundaries and entrust her liberty to a few Red Flint agents and a stranger who has ensnared her very livelihood into a wicked design for war.

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CARL: the Uprising of a Leprechaun Madman
by The Inkaholics X Writers Group

Carl isn’t your average leprechaun. Sure, he has the green bowler hat and short stature, but he’s also the son of Mickey McPherson McWharle, son to Michael Marscapone McWharle, the Godfather of the Leprechaun Mafia. Trouble is, Carl doesn’t like being a hitman for the Family. All he wants is a peaceful life and a lovely companion.

With the help of his new friends Qué, a 6’ 6” meerkat, and Phish, a goldfish detective with telekinesis, Carl takes a leap of faith and attempts to leave the Leprechaun Mafia Family. His actions spawn a series of events which only get more dangerous and forbidding with every passing day. Will Carl find the balance between the good in his heart and the evil in his genetic makeup? Or will one side rise up and reign supreme? Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Pieces of Souls

Prophecy's Keys: Pieces of Souls
by The Inkaholics 9 Writers Group

Morgana is a fresh graduate of the Kentis Institute of Magic, but her wizard’s staff is already misbehaving. In fact, a dark power hidden inside the ornamentation has shrouded an entire village in a madness-inducing mist.

The young wizardess vows to correct the situation and finds help in a clumsy apprentice blacksmith and a paranoid, recluse dragon. But a wicked creature from her past interferes with their quest at every turn, or is he drawing them right where he wants them? Has circumstance brought these three together? Or are they a part of an ancient prophecy that connects them in more ways that they could possibly imagine?

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Pieces of Time

Pieces of T.I.M.(e)
by The Inkaholics 8 Writers Group

Anthony Flynn is a machine of Artificial Intelligence existing in the world of humans. Life is a strange enough place, but after crossing paths with a fractious, bionic librarian and a self-exiled queen, he begins to learn that living is about more than complex computations.

Octopus Prime, a tenacious, tentacled crimelord, and his gang of aquatic ruffians, have a devious plan to destroy the creator of A.I. Stealing T.I.M., Anthony’s time machine, is merely the first step in extinguishing the mechanized race. Anthony finds himself grappling with his robotic side and his own programmed humanity. Which will win the fight? Or will he lose himself altogether?

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The Case of Dr. What

The Case of Dr. What
by The Inkaholics 007 Writers Group

When Hanover, an unsuspecting university student, stumbles upon a clandestine espionage operation gone sour, he is thrust into an international manhunt to locate the odious criminal Dr. What. Hanover’s companions are a cantankerous pair: Glaydin, a ruthless, alien bounty hunter and her nemesis, Kriscilla, a feisty, alate mouse with the Secret Spy Association.

The mismatched team must learn to work together as Dr. What leaves a trail of enigmatic clues and bizarre portals that will send them on a trek around the world. Can Hanover accept his adventurous fate? Will Kriscilla learn to forgive her enemy? Who will Glaydin choose as her allies—a man and a mouse, or the most powerful villain of their time?

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Dark Side of White

The Dark Side of White
by The Inkaholics VI Writers Group

Kevin, Parker, and Mŭshi Rū are all running—from the past, the present, the future. Curiously odd circumstances thrust them together when Kevin’s adversaries come to kidnap him. The adverse allies are compelled to unite, but differing opinions and peculiar secrets keep them from fully becoming one. 

Meanwhile, the beginning of a terrible penguin reign is about to befall the earth. Kevin, Parker, and Mŭshi are forced into battle. Will they learn to trust and lean upon one another as they face a common enemy? Or will their own fears tear apart the fragile friendships?

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Watch for Magic

Undead Sparkles
by The Inkaholics V Writers Group

Paclo’s simple life as a Flor-Mart greeter is interrupted when a co-worker slips him the zombie virus as a joke. Rejected by the public and his parents, Paclo takes refuge at a mortuary. His only friends are his brother Smith, a vainless alien blob named Phyl, and a duct tape-obsessed robot called Mac.

Before Paclo can even accept his new undead fate, the Earth is attacked by a scintillating foe riding upon clouds of delectable depravity. Against all sensibility, the misfit friends garner up the courage to squelch the sparkly adversaries. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

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Watch for Magic

Watch for Magic
by The Inkaholics IV Writers Group

Javian is an orphaned boy living as a hunter in a magical forest outside of Ducal, with a flying llama as his only companion. Rumors abound in the city about how magic is disappearing, but Javian is unconcerned until he accidentally traps a mythical dragon named Airimyth.

The giant cogs of his life are set in motion when a run-in with Eylec the gryphon gets them captured by migrating dwarves. Escape is paramount, but Javian’s convoluted past tick-tocks to the present, putting all their lives at risk.

Will the new friends discover the power of three and restore magic to the world? Or will the dwarves and the Duke pilfer everything they have ever loved?

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Attack of T.G.B.

Attack of T.G.B.
by The Inkaholics III Writers Group

In a plague-stricken world, trapped in a quarantine zone, Zeke faces the hard questions of life: What does the future hold? Will mankind survive the epidemic? Will he ever find another couch?

After insane, infected victims set fire to the hospital, Zeke and his new friends, Dr. Jo Trishton and her brother Cole, embark on a dangerous mission to find a cure. Instead, they uncover a beary beastly plot by a sweet but malevolent force.

Will the trio overcome their fears and defeat the bizarre battalions? Or will the Rainbow King succeed in his evil plan to rule supreme over Liberty City and then the world?

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The Epic Quest

The Epic Quest of the Nodut Islands
by The Inkaholics II Writers Group

Willy Pete, a hunter of magical creatures, is on a mission to right his wrongs. He'll need the help of a famous mercenary named Quince and his arch-nemesis, the legendary Magical Narwhal Zelda. Together, they must defeat the villainous Mr. Whiskers, a mutant catfish pirate captain with a league of sinister shipmates! Can Willy pull off his plan in time to destroy the nefarious fish, or will his weakness for donuts become his ultimate downfall?

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First In Flame

First in Flame
by The Inkaholics I Writers Group

Torren, an awkward 13-year old kid with a penchant for superstition, is about to have the strangest first day of school in his life. When his best friend Kyle, the high school quarterback, falls for the weird new girl, things are looking bad enough. But when they witness Kyle inexplicably transform into a little black housecat in the middle of lunch period, the situation spirals into an odd series of events that takes the three unlikely friends on an adventure no one expected.

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Art & Craft of Fiction Writing

The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction
by Jeff Gerke, Marcher Lord Press

We had the pleasure of hear Mr. Gerke speak at our annual gathering of young writers in August 2010. He unveiled the mysteries of the publishing industry.

In this book, Mr. Gerke presents a myriad of tips and tricks for writing while also addressing the bare-bones of how to craft a compelling story.This is a great reference for any writer to keep on his or her desk.

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by Donita K. Paul

Though DragonKnight is book 3 in the DragonKeeper Chronicles series, it is by far my favorite of them all. This is the first time Mrs. Paul delves into the male POV--and Bardon is an amazing character to boot!

And it doesn't hurt that part of my name was used to christen a port in chapter 14. Mrs. Paul is a dear friend of mine and the leader of a writers group I have been involved with for years.

Learn More - A Christian Music Community

by Mary Burklin

One of my dearest young friends from CleanPlace, Elraen, was brought onto the NRTeam at in February 2011. In her weekly online column, she reports on interesting Tweets posted by Christian music artists. She is also a concert photographer and official NRT album reviewer.

Read her profile here.

Precisely Terminated

Precisely Terminated (Cantral Chronicles #1)
by Amanda L. Davis

Amanda is a member of CleanPlace, the online writers forum I created in 2005. She is also the award-winning teen author of the Cantral Chronicles, a dystopian trilogy.

The fate of millions rides on Monica's shoulders. As the only person in the world who has not been implanted with a microchip, she must find a way to destroy the computers and free Cillineese from the nobles' iron fist before they strike with the ultimate punishment--death for everyone inside the city walls.

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Precisely Terminated

Noble Imposter (Cantral Chronicles #2)
by Amanda L. Davis

Noble Imposter continues the saga of Monica's life, picking up where Precisely Terminated leaves off. As she attempts to pass herself off as a noble, the chip-less girl inadvertently puts herself in even more peril than she ever experienced as a wall slave. This story is a thrilling adventure that reveals secrets from Monica's past and leaves readers breathless for the next page.

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Galactic Lore: Starfire
by Stuart Vaughn Stockton

Dinosaur aliens, epic battle scenes, and an unpredictable sci-fi world? Who could resist? When Mr. Stockton first brought Starfire to our writers group, I practically leapt for joy. A kindred sci-fi spirit!

Rathe's story kept us all on edge, waiting to see if his destiny would be fulfilled--and would it be for the good guys or the bad?

Mr. Stockton has been working on the Saurian world since he was in junior high, and it certainly shows in the way the world is revealed through his marvelous storytelling.

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Two Tickets

Two Tickets to a Christmas Ball
by Donita K. Paul

As a last minute job, Mrs. Paul asked me to edit this novella in time to send it to her publisher. I'd read parts of it, but through editing, I was able to take in the whole story within a couple of days. What an enchanting experience!

Two Tickets is not your run-of-the-mill romance--no way. But when there are wizards behind Cora and Simon's match-making, there could be nothing less than extraordinary results.

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Worlds Collide

Worlds Collide: A Fairy Tale
By Heidi Joelle Wright

Worlds Collide is an unexpected tale from a talented lady I am pleased to have met through one of my young writer friends. She describes her book as follows: "...Be introduced to Melinda, a girl with a secret that she refuses to use as an excuse to live a life in fear; Guy, someone who learns firsthand the nature of grace; Emilee, who must learn the hard way that she cannot always control everything; and many others."

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The Seer

The Seer
by Anne K. Riley

The Seer was written by a young writer I have had the pleasure to both mentor online and meet. The process of getting this book from written page to print has been a labor of love that has paid off in the end with this beautiful first novel.

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